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When I think of or indulge in power-exchange with a submissive, sometimes I find myself drawn to the element of psycho-drama that can be played upon in various scenarios.  Role-playing can certainly add another layer of excitement and the potential contexts to be explored are only as limited as the imagination.

Erotic rituals combined with aspects of the occult or paganism are one way I enjoy role-playing scenarios that elevate the psycho-drama of BDSM play.   Perhaps it may be worthwhile to consider the ways you might add an occult spin to your next playtime.

Some favorite scenarios of mine include:

  • the submissive is being ordained into a coven where kinky, erotic initiation rituals must be passed.
  • the submissive male is entering a cult in which females are hailed as the Goddess incarnate.   In order to gain acceptance, he must be transformed into a feminine version of himself.
  • the use of orgasm denial is necessary in order to attain a spiritual gift.  The submissive must be teased and tormented to the point of near-orgasm to receive this gift.  The longer he or she abstains, the more indulgent the gift will be.
  • the submissive is being trained as a sacred vessel in which he or she is used and objectified for the purpose of pleasing a deity.

Any of these scenarios can be used as either a staring point or in combination with others.

Do you or would you like to incorporate occult themes in your D/s exchanges?   Are there any other possibilities inspired by the theme of psycho-drama and occult play in BDSM?

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While it is true that  femdoms gain pleasure and satisfaction from being in control of their submissive, each and every Mistress has their own way of going about how they express their dominance. Femdom styles are unique and vary, much like handwriting–no two signatures are exactly alike.

In your submissive explorations, you may come across femdoms who embody styles including, but not limited to:

  1. The Strict Mistress: she is direct and can often be quite demanding.  She expects a lot from her submissive and is usually very rule oriented and regimented. Control with the Strict Mistress plays out in very comprehensive ways; this commanding contessa typically enjoys fetish roleplay scenarios such as interrogations, orgasm control, chastity training,and various service-oriented tasks.  She doesn’t ask you to do something, she tells you.  And if you fuck it up, you will probably be punished severely.
  2. The Sexy, Sadistic Domme:  may also present with some of the Strict Mistress traits noted above, however, the Sexy Sadist can be incredibly wicked in the ways she chooses to torment and control her submissive playthings. For her, control is something she elicits from you by way of inflicting physical, mental and/or psychological suffering.  She is a creative Femdom and quite the expert at playing out mindfucks, erotic humiliation, CBT, medical fetish role plays, among other diabolical and perverse scenarios.
  3. The Regal Ruler:  is an elegant, almost ethereal figure whose composure and sophistication should never fool you into believing she does not have a ruthless side.  While the Regal Ruler can be gracious and subtle, she is motivated by power exchange and has a way of being very persuasive and methodical in order to get what she wants from you.  Goddess worship scenarios, foot fetish teases, smoking fetishes, sissy maid service role plays, and slave training scenarios are simply a few of her favorite forms of exerting her power over you.
  4. The Erotic Enchantress: often conducts her femdom sessions in a playful, teasing tone.  She generally is not overtly pushy, yet for some reason submissives under her spell find themselves doing all sorts of kinky things to please her.  Being around the Erotic Enchantress is sometimes described as intoxicating and her presence and control over you remains with you for days after your encounter.  She often is fond of tease and orgasm denial games, feminization role plays, forced bisexualityerotic mind control, cuckold exploration and some submissive humiliation scenarios.
  5. The Guileful Governess:  can be likened to a Femdom Personal Trainer of sorts. Except that submissives who engage in training sessions with this seductive Mistress may find themselves being primed for challenges not normally witnessed in the world of athletics.  The Governess can be exacting or harsh, but she also has a nurturing side to her as well.  Unpredictability is the name of the game; she can go from hot to cold in a matter of nanoseconds.  Teacher/student roleplays, disciplinary tasks, age regression, mother-figure domme roleplays, spanking fetishes, and sissy-training are some of the Guileful Governess’ specialties.

Of course, many dominant ladies include variations and combinations of the five femdom styles mentioned above.  When a submissive is starting out, its a good idea to think about what type of style he or she might respond best with to aid in their search for the femdom who will be most suitable.

Which styles speak most to you? Is there a style not mentioned that works best in your femdom exchanges?

Miz Creatrix

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